Watersport in Southeast Asia.

Watersport in Penang Malaysia.

Watersports & Muslim Burkini Swimsuits in southeast Asia.

Thailand and Malaysia became water sport holiday center over the years and it's not just about snorkeling surfing windsurfing kite-surfing and everything related to. Malaysia has a different style Muslim wear such as burkinis are a normality and female tourists from the Gulf States and the Middle East normal.

Although here in Southeast Asia they dont take Islam rules so seriously like in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan etc. a good compromise is visible in Penang Malaysia and Bali Indonesia plus endless other holiday destinations in Southeast Asia.

Thailand and Malaysia has become a water sports center over the years and it's not just about snorkeling surfing windsurfing, kite-surfing and everything related to. In Malaysia Burkinis are a normality and tourists from the Gulf States and the Middle East normal.

Why are the ASEAN countries pre-destined for all kinds of water sports activities? Is it just the Ocean around? Such as the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand plus the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea a a part of the Pacific Ocean bordering Cambodia and a world of islands which in this splendor probably does not exist a second lime. All this is relatively accessible by bus boat and airplane. Yes and to praise all that is you can afford making holiday travel here as a normal citizen so what is to be done?

Bali Surfing at Kuta Beach.

Surfing at Bali Kuta Beach.

Mainly holidaymakers from Australia choose Bali as their vacation destination its very similar to Phuket & Pattaya in Thailand but without the sex orientation.

But also for the vacationers of Singapore and Hongkong plus other crowd is this vacation destination sought after.

However, Bali is also a global holiday destination geared more towards the younger crowd. The Kuta strip is also a magnet for surfers and especially nightlife. A job machine for many Indonesians especially those who like the free "western" way of life and who have shed the tight corset of Islam which of course some do not like but life is oriented forward. Holiday maker from the Arab Golf states rather choose Penang / Malaysia for their pleasure time. That is one of the reason why Burkinis are rarely visible on Bali's beaches although the overwhelming majority of the Indonesian island-world is Islam oriented. Actually the best surf spots in Bali are at the East Coast but its rather difficult to travel there since the roads are not good at all people are very lazy.