Retirement Tips for Southeast Asia.

Probably the best three retirement destinations in ASEAN are Penang Phuket and Bali.

On these tropical islands there is always warm weather an easy-going lifestyle and costs are only a third as in the EU or the US. It is also not difficult at all to find a partner (both gender actually in Thailand they have three gender) which might be substantially younger. Another major issue will be financial since it is rather difficult to get money for any work first there are laws blocking that and salaries are quite low it’s not even worth to stand up in the morning for that. The other problem in this direction is (in particular in Thailand) to get money after you did something they are absolutely unwilling to pay for anything they will lie cheat and do whatever instead of paying for any work done.

This means you still need a steady source of income from abroad. The positive side is, now life will run according to your schedule and everything around is set up for. There is only one major hurdle and that is health care which is not so bad in Penang but in Bali and Thailand it’s not good at all Doctors are usually on a low knowledge level because many of them just buy their certificates at the universities which are very common in Thailand. That means a good insurance is needed which in a case of emergency get you back to Europe or at least maybe to Manila where they have excellent knowledgeable doctors. That has something to do with the English language, a good example is Thailand where they speak “Thaiglish” and have an educational problem because almost everything in the "medical world" is written in English and practical all news.Keep in mind that all savings need to last a long time more or less as long as one lives after you made the bold move to live elsewhere.

Not all retirement tips work everywhere.

Keep in mind that all savings need to last a long time more or less as long as one lives after you made the bold move to live elsewhere. One of the first thoughts is, should I buy a house? The answer is yes but only in Malaysia where there is a clear situation with laws. In Thailand for sure no since a foreigner cant purchase any piece of land. Whatever the real estate sharks are claiming (they want your money) it’s not true. Since the law stipulates that no foreigner can buy any piece of land and this extends to apartments. To come over this problem the Thai do the usual cheating by making a contract construction where in a formal way a sale could be done but since you never can own anything for more than 50% you are always at the mercy of local people who use this as leverage to pull continuously money from you

Buying a property in Thailand.

A very common cause is that this woman has a Thai guy somewhere in the back you don’t see and after a while the women take possession of the house throw you out and her local boyfriend move in and usually they sell the whole, taking the money and move elsewhere. Usually somewhere upcountry where they come from and have a good life on your cost, there is now way for a foreigner to defend him / herself this is called the very well know Thailand property scam. At least once per year the authorities issue warnings about this but people won’t take it serious and the real estate sharks will produce all variants of lies to counter this.

As usual EU politicians do nothing the stop this they rather make laws about the correct curvature of bananas, they real 'go bananas' in their brain (this is not a joke). On the other side in the EU every foreigner can buy anything they like this should only be allowed when it works both ways. The currently best probably is a long term rent e.g. 30 years is a common figure in Thailand with an extension option.

Overall retiring here is definitely something you should consider. The cost of living there is low and it is one of the safest places in the world. With no cold weather to worry even inwinter what more could you possibly ask for retiring in south Thailand or in a other location? Potential retirement investors, who are currently considering an overseas property purchase in Asia, will probably have Thailand on their short-list at the outset, but upon looking into it will find that property investment in Thailand is not a good idea, why?

The law situation strictly bans and purchase of land by foreigners and the real estate shark community invented some work around which works as long there is in conflict otherwise the guys who sold you the property can just take it back again and it is gone forever no way to appeal since the law is clear.

On the one hand Bangkok has been listed among the top twenty tourism destinations in the world which should make a property investment there a good one. Dig a little deeper however and you find that capital appreciation, -- previously strong in the country -- along with all factors to be considered before investing, have been affected by the recent political turmoil. But as a matter of facts Thai political wrangling military coups etc. are almost normal and it won’t affect anyone unless you go right into a demonstration or similar. The political wrestling is almost all the time limited to some areas in Bangkok and not really visible elsewhere, it’s just some kind of folklore.

The exception is the Muslim dominated stretch on the southern Thai border with Malaysia. There are clashes between insurgents and the Thai military almost every day. A specialty of the Muslim insurgents is to burn down Buddhist schools, temples and kill monks. But again this turmoil is limited to the border area between Thailand and Malaysia since the insurgents have their save backyard in Malaysia. Never the less Thailand is still among the best Asian countries for foreigners to retire and invest in, there is no inheritance tax or gift tax, capital gains tax is charged like income tax at the standard rate, and foreigners can own condominiums freehold. A condominium purchase is the easiest and even with the political turmoil as it is rental yields are still around the 8% mark in top tourist destinations e.g. Bangkok.

Beaches easy living & nightlife.

To retire early in Southeast Asia is not such a big deal and endless lazy days in a tropical environment can be a very pleasing time so bring back the swing.

It needs to find the right spot to avoid danger and make sure that the destination government won’t try to milk you too much via visa fees and avoid other inconveniences one might suffer.

The next step is you need to travel there and check it at the place. Try to use the model with around 30 years lease and another 30 year after actually the only country where they have a secured law situation is Malaysia for a single family elsewhere it becomes difficult. Just last week a Thai in Hua Hin took a gun and killed a Swede. He told the police the guy from the cold insulted him several times keep in mind if anything happens the guys with the uniforms are always on the local side.