Bangkok to Phuket By Bus.

Bangkok to Phuket.

Travel in Southeast Asia by Sea ​​Air Bus Car Tuk-Tuk and Motorbike.

By coach it's road travel to southern Thailand destinations such as Phuket & Krabi & Hat Yai Danok plus almost everywhere . There is no train to Phuket Island which is probably because the bus operators have the better lobby actually the train has no lobby. The road is via Hat Yai & Danok, Danok is the hottest sexy place in Thailand with Tiger Shows and more.

The train tracks are along the coast via Chumphon and Krabi plus Trang and Hat Yai and Padang Besar to Malaysia.

Bus travel in Thailand is popular and low-priced a one-way bus ticket from Bangkok to Phuket is about Baht 680, - for the normal version. There are so-called VIP buses for almost Baht 1000,-. The difference is, they have fewer seats installed in a one left two right configuration.

Although road travel by bus in Thailand.

Although road travel in Thailand via bus is the most appropriate long distance travel since it is well organized (no delays, few accidents, good service) it appears that the military regime that occupied all positions in this branch try to avoid by any means that foreigners are using long haul buses because most of the politically connected people have shares in local airlines so they support that. In Thailand it's all about money and greed / manipulation.