Bangkok to Pattaya

Bangkok to Pattaya.

Pattaya fun south of Bangkok.

Pattaya is in Chonburi province east Thailand south of Bangkok and west of Cambodia with nightlife beaches and resorts streamlined for the tourists showing an evolution into the 21, Century.somehow similar to Phuket on the Andaman Sea in the west of Thailand and to a lesser but intense extense to Danok on the border to Malaysia

The distance is only about 120km and the city can be reached very conveniently from the airport where the bus leaves almost every hour from 7 am to 10 pm at the basement of the airport at gate 8 and terminates at Jomtien Beach. Even when you are not at the airport originally it makes sense to take the "airport link" from central Bangkok and from there the bus as indicated above because that way you won't stuck in the traffic.

Direct Bangkok to Pattaya.

Direct Bangkok to Pattaya starts at different places with big busses and minibusses, the last are faster but cost around the double, there is no ship or air service. It is also possible just to hunt fro a bus at Sukhumvit Road just ask around where they stop. Since the beginning of 2017 they also offer a ferry link from Hua Hin to Pattaya for people coming from south Thailand but totally inconsequent only available for walk in passengers but most people come with the car or motorbike. But this inconsequent is standard in Thailand where most planning is done if someone pays for it that is called corruption. and the mindset is still tuned to the 18 Century.

Road travel From Bangkok to Pattaya.

Actually to my opinion the best would be a ferry from Surat Thani just like to Ko Samui including trucks to get off the immense road traffic from south Thailand Malaysia & Singapore from the south which destroys all main roads because almost all trucks are overloaded and the huge double-decker coaches do the rest.

Since in Thailand almost nothing get orderly repaired, including the roads the situation for road travel is a good one which means to Pattaya it would be a good idea to start to circumvent long before Bangkok.

Pattaya City Life.

The Eastern Seabord of Thailand.

This part of Thailand just adjacent to Cambodia is also known as the eastern seaboard and is full with factories such as Toyota which is producing cars for delivery to the world market.

Pattaya City Life

Pattaya City Life.

Is probably the hottest free wheeling place on earth in normal days over 200 widebody aircraft unload their masses at Suvarnabhumi airport which is just about 100 km to the north by road travel and the fun for the tourists begins. About 120 aircraft are flying in from China only. Plus dozens from central Asia and the rest of the world market such as as Middle East most offroad vehicles for the US & Australien Market plus the rest of the globe.

Pattaya Walking Street.

Pattaya Walking Street

Pattaya Walking Street.

Pattaya to South Thailand.