Sukhothai History Tour

Sukhothai History Park Tour.

Sukhothai was the capital of an early Thai kingdom at around 1239 here is a present sightseeing tour.

Now some of the religious remains are still visible preserved and maintained to offer a great showcase of past Thailand Bangkok and Sukhothai is the usual tour direction to visit the place.

The old Sukhothai Historical Park is the usual destination for tourist visitors to the city. The fastest trip is naturally by air with Bangkok Airways to their privately run airport, hotel prices are from about Baht 2200,- to Baht 3200,- , note that Bangkok Airways almost always charge the highest prices for flights in Thailand their idea is "milk the farang".

Bangkok Tak Mae Sot Pitsanulok Loei Central Thailand.

Cheaper flights could be done via Phitsanulok airport by Nok Air. Both towns of are very close and good connected. Sukhothai is almost dead in the night Phitsanulok has a thriving nightlife which is more in the karaoke bars direction it can't match Bangkok or Phuket but it’s a reasonable nightlife scene.

Phitsanulok / Sukhothai Hotels:

Since there is not much to do besides of visiting the Historical Park two or three days will be enough use a bus from the Mor Chit Terminal there are several coaches every day which end directly at the new Sukhothai / Phitsanoluk bus terminal.

especially around the bridge over the river are good and have reasonable prices, from about Baht 800,- per night upwards. As you can imagine, as elsewhere in Thailand there are plenty of restaurants. There are quite a lot of Thai restaurants worldwide which use the name Sukhothai restaurant. can be found in many cities around the globe.

Buses are available from Bangkok and Chiang Mai plus other city this long haul buses take passengers on the way. The bus from Bangkok’s Mor Chit bus terminal ( the BTS Bangkok terminal is very close) starts several times per day.

There is also a train option via Phitsanulok train station from there a minibus or taxi will take about 30 minutes ride, all this is good organized and works. Rush hours are between 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm. At those times don’t get on the road in Thailand.

The city is one of Thailand's highlights,​ the well arranged historical park is monumental and brings insight into the past. The well maintained remains of temples, pagodas and monasteries are a showcase of the glorious past. Most of the non sacral buildings before the 19. century are not existing anymore (its a similar situation as in Bagan Myanmar and Ayutthaya) since they were built from wood and were wiped out by fires from time to time the masonry work of the temples pagodas and monasteries protected them from vanishing.

Sacral buildings in Thailand and the countries around were usually built with bricks that mean many are still visible only the roof is gone sometimes as you can see in the park pictures below. There are some hotels nearby to make your stay easy and comfortable. World Heritage by UNESCO came In 1991, the place was declared the 358th after the Thai Fine Art department submitted a nomination. Known history started more or less in the 13th century when a town with this name was founded.