Thailands Megaproblems

A spectacular nosedive of the Thai Tourism Industry.

Thailand's Megaproblems are mainly mainly related to extreme corruption caused by their Military and Police circles and the Commander in Uniform who shuttles between Bangkok and Munich Germany where he owns a huge palace like estate in Bavaria. This gentlemen has a private Boing 737 with a Thai military registration and flight hour cost about $ 20.000,- and currently many Thai people have even nothing to eat because there is no income in the former Tourism industry its all dead now because of a totally wrong management of the covid-19 proplem.

In most countries in the civliced world people get a job because of qualification in immensly corrupt Thaila they run for the jubs by buying them and afterwards trying to use the position as a leverage to get rich. This is evident in all sectors not only government jobs.

Another typical example is the current covid crises which I think the US & EU anti-corruption fighters have them clearly on their eye so they really see it (want to seen I? in Brussels this is under control of women and the Chinese are very well known for their tricks to cheat.

Thailand / Chinese cheating,

What we are talking about? The