Pattaya to Bangkok

Pattaya between Beer and Viagra

This is Chonburi province south of Bangkok and west of Cambodia .

The distance is only about 120km and the city can be reached very conveniently from the airport where the bus leaves almost every hour from 7 am to 10 pm at the basement of the airport at gate 8 and terminates at Jomtien Beach. Even when you are not at the airport originally it makes sense to take the "airport link" from central Bangkok and from there the bus as indicated above because that way you won't be stuck in the traffic.

Bangkok to Pattaya

Bangkok to Pattaya via the Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Direct bus travel Bangkok to Pattaya and beyond such remote places as Ko Chang Trat and south Cambodia starts at different places with big busses (double decker) and minibusses the latter cost around the double, there is no ship or air service. It is also possible just to hunt for a bus at Sukhumvit Road just ask around where they stop. Since the beginning of 2017 they also offer a ferry link from Hua Hin to Pattaya for people coming from south Thailand.but that's only for persons no cars or bikes. which is the usual deficit in Thai Bureaucreat thinking since most traffic is with Motorbikes and there is enough space since 95% are small scoo6ters. But this is the common picture of Thai thinking they never think stuff all the way through and the bureaucrats and militaries use cars they consider scooters and bikes as to a low level for them just like children and imposters.

Actually the best is when with little luggage to use the airport link to Suvarmabhumi Airport and from there the bus, otherwise the usual Bangkok traffic collapse threatens in my opinion the best would be a ferry from Surat Thani just like to Ko Samui including trucks to get off the immense traffic from the south which destroys all main roads because almost all trucks are extremely overloaded and the huge double-decker coaches do the rest.

Since in Thailand almost nothing get orderly repaired, including the roads the situation for road travel is a good one which means to Pattaya it would a good idea to start to circumvent long before Bangkok.

Direct Bangkok to Pattaya starts at different places with big busses and minibusses the last are faster but cost around the double there is no reliable ship or air service. Bangkok Airways offers flights from Phuket to Utapao Airport which is not far to the south.

Along the coastal road all the way down from to Rayong, through Chonburi are constant buses available almost every half hour there is one they stop on demand and are quite cheap. Traveling that way between is probably the best option for travel from Bangkok to Pattaya.

Just use the Airport Bus and at Suvarnabhumi take the airport link to downtown. This way you can avoid the traffic mess almost completely since usually when leaving the motorway into the capital there is a gigantic traffic mess since several congested roads merge together at one intersection and everyone with the cars and motorbikes buses and trucks merciless fight against each other which actually is finally creating this mess. The city is more or less an extension of Bangkok at the seaside in between is Bang Saen, another resort.

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