Outdoor Adventure in Southeast Asia

Outdoor Adventure in Thailand.

Outdoor Adventure in Southeast Asia.

Thailand is a good example for soft outdoor adventure attractive and not too dangerous easy accessible and not expensive no need of costs similar to the Himalaya outdoors or south America, Africa or whatever everything is still affordable for the normal tourist on vacation or holiday travel that is one of the very positive sides in southeast Asia travel.​​

Thailand has well over a hundred national parks which are a bit organized similar to USA national parks although the qualification of the local staff is rather poor and their primary idea is how to get money into their own pockets. In Thailand a good example is the area near the border with Myanmar around Umphang with many rivers and waterfalls resulting in great rafting and other fun.

Outdoor Adventure in Thailand.

Fantastic places are out there to get away from your daily routines are not far away.

Mountains of the Myanmar Himalaya (without mad Islamist) are waiting. There are pristine islands in the Andaman and South China Sea and caving everywhere around. The whole area is mainly of limestone origin and somehow like an "Emmentaler Cheese" with countless caves above and under the water surface. If you are out for camping and hiking adventure it's worth it to think a little bit first to avoid a nightmare later.

If you know the area you intend to go for your outdoor travel it's somehow easy but it is a good idea to go through area maps again and learn how to use a compass. One basic start to do your outdoor adventure is never traveling alone. The best is to take a local guide with , only one person is an easy pray for mad people out there and if you have an accident there might be someone needed to help.