Outdoor Adventure in Southeast Asia

Spectacular Waterfalls.

Outdoor adventure in Southest Asia.

Outdoor adventure needs functional clothing does a lot for the user but little for the environment so more and more manufacturers are focusing on sustainability among other that means recycling is a very topical issue for society as a whole and many working on it. Outdoor functional dresses became quite an easy issue after Chinese manufacturers flooded the market with cheap but quality stuff.

​​If someone talk about outdoor travel automatic associations with flora and fauna are awake in Southeast Asia with the immense surfaces above and below the water level everything is there virtually every tourist comes at his expense that has to do with the fact that travel in the ASEAN countries still are affordable and have a good security standard what is totally different in similar countries in Africa and South America where travelers must always be on the alert to be victims of violent criminals means outdoor adventure needs some preparation. Outdoor adventure trails in Southeast Asia and related tracks automatically often mean camping rafting kayaking and maybe bungee jump plus similar.

So when doing camping adventure first put weight on quality and availability for good camping gear and tents and don't underestimate this because in Asia outdoor adventures are not common as in the western world which finally means it is not easy just to go shopping for. Every trip into the outdoors requires carrying certain basic items you can easily find at any outdoors store but these shops are rather rare in Southeast Asia so it makes sense to go online shopping

Outdoor Adventure in west Thailand.

Check for good camping gear and tents and don't underestimate this because in Asia outdoor adventures are not common which finally means it is not easy just to go shopping for. Every trip into the outdoors requires carrying certain basic items you can easily find at any outdoors store but this shops are rather rare here. Thailand is a good example for soft outdoor adventure attractive and not too dangerous easy accessible and not expensive no need of costs similar to the Himalaya outdoors or south America Africa or whatever everything is still affordable for the normal people on vacation or holiday travel that is one of the very positive sides in southeast Asia travel and outdoor adventure.

Spectacular Thailand Waterfall

Enjoy some spectacular waterfalls.

Enjoy some spectacular waterfalls do some rafting or just jump into the ocean and say hello to the fish via scuba diving. Some of the greatest outdoor destinations are waterfalls in particular with ponds where you can explore the different levels and jump into it at the low level, this is in wild nature or maybe in an outdoor park. To be on the safe side and wont get lost In general on a demanding trail in south east Asia invest some money in a tour guide they l]keep trouble away, its always possible to communicate in real time with your environment and more. Fantastic limestone caves are out there to get away from your daily routines are not far away. There are pristine islands in the Andaman and South China Sea and caving everywhere around. The whole area is mainly of limestone origin and somehow like an "Emmentaler Cheese" with countless caves above and under the water surface. If you are out for camping and hiking adventure it's worth it to think a little bit first to avoid a nightmare later

Thailand waterfalls.

You maybe know the area you intend to go for your outdoor adventure travel it's somehow easy but it is a good idea to go through area maps again and learn how to use a compass. One basic start to do your outdoor adventure is never traveling alone. The best is to take a local guide with, only one person is an easy pray for mad people out there and if you have an accident there might be someone needed to help.

Thailand National Parks.

Outdoor backpacks clothing and equipment needs to think about a bit. ond not only in a national Park environment

Actually, this is not only for outdoor adventure in this part of the world it depends on where you go on your trek and how long you are out there plus how is the terrain. Is it forest, is it dessert, are mountains to climb on your outdoor adventure trip, are there rivers to cross and so on. So think first and act after rafting in the brown waters is very popular among foreign and local tourists, a good example is Umphang with river rafting in the wild waters of the jungle mountains at the Myanmar-Thailand border.

If you want to do it on your own take some water, food, a compass, maps and learn how to handle the compass in relation to the map. A first aid kit won't hurt, flashlight, pocket knife or similar, waterproof matches and a lighter are a must on outdoor travel. One of the most important items on your outdoor adventure travel is good shoes boots or other sports shoes. If you like fishing, take some fishing gear with you outdoor clothing and rain protection. Out there in the wilderness an insect repellent and a whistle for attracting attention would also be a good idea to work as an add on to your adventure

The whole depends very much on the area and who remote is the outdoor area to travel to, hiking trails, maybe a lake and some small rivers to catch the dinner., so can get a little fishing in too! Camping is not for every traveler since all visitor to nature are really on the front. Bugs running around, mosquitoes and other unpleasant insects, in the north maybe a bear or other beast will spend a visit often it's just better to book a hotel or maybe a cabin. A houseboat on a river in Thailand could also be a great idea,

Even though Singapore is not a typical outdoor setting it is more of an urban one with high-rise buildings and shopping malls there are some great outdoor spots in this Southeast Asian tropical environment. This places are magnets to tourists from all over Asia especially India and China the two most interesting destinations are the Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Orchid Garden.

The Morakot Cave in Trang / Thailand.

Morakot Cave Trang Thailand

Morakot Cave Trang Thailand

Morakot Cave Trang Thaiand Map.

Trang Thailand Island.

Trang Thailand Island (1).

Thailand is a perfect destination