Orchid Flowers in southeast Asia

Flowers in Southeast Asia.

A Thai Orchid nursery in Phuket south east Asia Thailand.

Orchid flowers collectively form a family called Orchidaceae, which is the biggest family of plants worldwide. They grow mainly in the tropical regions but some species are also are found in the Alps and other cold regions, actually there are only three regions where orchids don't grow this is dessert arctic and antarctic Travel in South East Asia is a good start to come close to this beautiful plants.

An Orchid nursery in Phuket south east Asia Thailand it is an exotic carpet of diverse colors there is hardly a similar "ocean of colors" anywhere in nature. In this Phuket Orchid nursery where many pictures of this pages were taken the hues are the dominant factors.There are several other fascinating orchid gardens in southeast Asia at Kuala Lumpur and Singapore and more this is for sure "eye candy". There are many other in the whole southeast Asia (ASEAN) region such as Indonesia and Philippines in Myanmar are a bit a smaller one.

The nursery is only serving the local market and also just to enjoying the optical pleasure when visiting until two years ago the charged Baht 200,- entrance now (2020) it's 400,-.There are different types of orchids on sale.

If someone has already got his sunburn by lazing on the beach visiting this orchid nursery that one of the best things to do on the island. The impression of this wide orchid garden is overwhelming. The sea of colors is a feast for the eyes. Beside of cut flower wholesale and retail, they also sell sterile seedlings packed into old Thai whiskey bottles at least for a good purpose finally a perfect Phuket day tour on a vacation in south east Asia. grown here are almost all hybrid orchids.

When they started to grow hybrid orchids in Thailand poaching orchid flowers almost vanished. The hybrids were a big relief to the life of this beautiful flowers to give them a chance to live in the wild where they call them species. The orchid family branched off a long time ago but since plants have left almost no fossil record determining a date for their origin is not possible some botanists assume this branch off happen about 100 million years ago.

Thai Orchids Hybrids & Species.

Below are some popular orchid flowers of south east Asia. More than 1000 different orchids species and hybrids are grown in Thailand. They are raised in nurseries or come up in the wild dark mountain forests of the north and the islands of south Thailand. Actually there is not much difference where a particular species or hybrid grows you find the same everywhere with some minor exceptions.

Thai orchids are a good reason for Travel in South East Asia

As with other flora and fauna deforestation and poaching take a heavy toll. Some projects are even dedicated to reintroducing some species into the former environment or maybe into a beautiful garden out of the orchid nursery. Such as

Dendrobium Orchids >

They are somehow the national flower of Thailand showing great form with many variants and beautiful colors.

Vanda Orchids>

They are popular for their amazing hues and a large bloom thanks to hybridization they also stay OK for quite a while.

Phalaenopsis orchids >

come in rich variants and a fragile bloom they look real great.

Cattleya Plants >

People like them because of strong colors and a large bloom. Some of the types have amazing forms and look rather old fashioned.

Hybrids > are the savior of this flowers. Before there was a lot of hunting and poaching, now everyone can buy them for rather low prices.

Thai Orchid Nursery in Phuket

Thailand is by far the largest exporter of fresh orchids worldwide and plenty of them you can pick up for quite low prices in nurseries. This is probably the best area for a virtual show since they usually have plenty of different types and all kind of colors.

A few nurseries grow species but those are not for sale, only the hybrids are for sale.

Thai Orchid Yellow Purple and some other colors

Thai Orchid Culture with great colors

To raise them is not easy, it needs some time and passion since some are maybe up to four years to blossom the first time. The growers usually have several dozens of great hybrids for retail and wholesale.

For “take away”, during or after your holiday there are 3 ways, either you take the whole plant (last for quite a while with proper treatment), also in a different climate like Europe etc. Take only the cut flower, they stay ok for up to 1 month in a colder climate with proper treatment, or take the “seedlings in the bottle” and handle them according to the instructions. To care for Thai orchids in general needs a sense of beauty and patience.

Thai Orchid Orange color in a pot

Orchid Garden in Phuket.

For all relevant information (which are available, the environment, the handling, how and where to buy and export them etc. just visit the Phuket Orchid Farm at Chalong, pass the circle towards Rawai, after the school, you will see a signpost and turn right.

You will find almost everything you want to see and you can also ask questions, it’s a real marvelous orchid garden, you probably have never seen anything like this before. There is an entrance fee (Thai and “farang” same fee !!) of baht 200 including an information leaflet and a bouquet of beautiful ones.

Phuket nursery and dendrobiums

Ina orchid nursery with great colors

If you also want to picture the beauties.

Visit the orchid nursery around 4.30 to 5.30 pm, at that time the sun position is just right for the real photo shooting. For immediate “consumption” on the island, many small flower shops usually in the vicinity of 7-11 stores offer fresh ones with very low prices. Although Thai orchids are not cheap. they are soo beautiful and a real sovenir of Travel in South East Asia

In a south Thailand Orchid nursery..

Small bouquets with up to 10 blooms and some green leaves around go for 20 baht. This is low street prices, the orchid nursery usually charges more because they are dedicated to selling to "farang" means foreigner, with about 20-25 stems go for Baht 200. In Thailand, they still have a double price system the native and for the foreigners its usually 2 or 3 times as much. The problem is they consider every foreigner as a "walking ATM".

yellow and red cattleya for sale

The hunting and smuggling out of the endangered species usually done in the north. All these beautiful blooms are really a feast for the eye and an admired decoration in any home, or maybe just in the hotel room during your stay on the island.

Exotische Orchideen in purpur farbe

Exotische Orchideen

Purple vanda plantsIf you bought some of this exotic beauties just ask for an empty water bottle in your hotel, cut off the top and you have a suitable vase, or e.g., if you get them directly from the nursery they fix a small plastic contaIiner at the bottom which keeps the plant happy and alive for a week.

The orchid flowers don’t need fresh water every day and last for about a week. Just buy a bouquet and you will have some visually happy days.

Travel in South East Asia is what serious tourists enjoy.

Tropical flowers > have ideal growing environment in Thailand because it is endless summer around one thousand km north of the equator where the temperature hardly falls below 20 Centigrade. The result of this is great blooms which make the country the biggest exporter of them, read more.

Hidden Andaman Island in the Phangnga Bay

Pretty Monopodial Vanda Orchids.

Orchid plants can be divided into monopodial and sympodial groups.

Monopodial orchids like vanda and aerides are growing upwards from a single point and the flower appear atop a long stem. The sympodial group can growth in several directions, but with cattleya, its only one direction.

Orchid plants are the most prolific, thousands of varieties are out there in nature and thousands more being created by cross breeding. About 600 new varieties are coming up each year either through the discovery of new species or the creation of new hybrids.

There are even some orchids flowers, which do not engage in the normal process of photosynthesis as most plants do, but actually live from a fungus in the darkness of a cave, read more.

One of the largest families are Phalaenopsis also know as phal. They can grow in just about any environment although the majority of are growing in tropical environments and they are are real fragil beauties read more.

This array of blossoms is real attractive and they are also not difficult to grow they just need the same "food" and environment as most other of the orchid family and one of the best trips to enjoy this attractive flower is Travel in South East Asia.

Orchids in tropical southeast Asia.

How to raise prepare and handle phalaenopsis cymbidium cattleya dendrobium and other orchid flowers.

What orchid flowers need?

The right temperature air circulation and moisture most of them let the roots hang down and take what they need from the moving air. Yes, they feed on air what a great idea, imagine all humans would feed on air; many problems wouldn't be on mother earth so don't hesitate and book your airline ticket for Travel in South East Asia.

Now what about grown in the open air ? Since they are plants originated in a tropical environ again less water is better. so what? As an example, I've put some gorgeous dendrobium into a coconut shell and fixed them on a palm tree in front of the house. If that is the “weather side” the showers of the monsoon kill them, ergo they also need a good shelter for not being exposed to the power of nature.

A good watering tip is to mix fertilizer into a spray bottle and give it to the plant for the right water mixture. Ask at the shop where you bought them for the mixture. When everything is done right the orchids will show gorgeous blooms, not all year round but most of the time. When disaster strikes and maybe one of these beauties die, don’t worry just buy another one or more.

One of the good things of the new communication age it's easy to order them. When possible visit a nursery they have plenty of them for either take away the grown flower or the seedlings. With seedlings always be careful that they come in a sterile container otherwise, problems will come.

How to raise this beautiful orchid?

Considering all this different types and diversities they are relatively easy to handle. Basics are sunlight and water plus some fertilizer just mixed into the spray bottle.

The best is just stick to a certain type such as a Thailand vanda maybe some cattleyas or a dendrobium there are many variants and once you get used to your colored beauty becomes routine. Since most people don’t have a greenhouse the normal place an orchid will be in the non-tropical area is indoor. Actually in Thailand are countless orchid garden because the climate fits perfect to the flowers.

Another subject does you want a plant just growing maybe up to around 30 cm or another which will hang down maybe for a meter and more as it is with dendrobium species and hybrids. After some experience with them you might get another one or two, maybe more since they really are a feast for the eyes and that’s the best possible in a house. The positive impressions the plants make everywhere are the hues. This is especially true when you are on vacation, buy some of them and have them in the room to give an individual touch, if there is no vase just cut an empty water bottle and that's an excellent container.

In a Thai Orchid Garden dendrobium orchids are growing plus phalaenopsis cymbidium some cattleya and dozens of others to form a magnificent natural colorful carpet.

It is a good idea to check out the different kinds before you buy so that instead of having to work too hard to just hang them in a pot.

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Adapt your environment to the specific needs of your flowers, you can choose an appropriate one very easy since the subject is always watering, temperature and airflow want to enjoy this in a nature lenvironment make a trip in South East Asia