Yangon Flower Market

Myanmar Flowers.

Exotic flower market in Yangon Myanmar.

This flower and vegetable street market is on Anawhratha Street in the Center of Yangon its one of the fresh markest and starting in the afternoon and is busy until late in the night. No ice involved so it needs to be very fresh which frankly I have my doubt's, anyway I am here to make some pictures and not to eat. Since this also is according to the traffic one of the dirtiest street in the city it would needs a good wash..

There are several more flower vegetable and fruit market in Yangon Chinatown plus fresh meat and fish markets elsewhere in the main city of Myanmar with currently about 2 million inhabitants of Chinese and Indian origin plus descendants of the hundreds of native tribes. I think in terms of the diversity the mix of people in the ASEAN community is only larger in Indonesia but Myanmar does not have the diverse island community of Indonesia and the Phillippines although there are over one thousand islands in the Myanmar waters of the Andaman Sea in Southeast Asia.