Bogyoke Market Yangon

Bogyoke Market.

Myanmar Shopping in the most famous Yangon Bazaar.

Yangon city shopping in the old Bogyoke Market which is also known as "Scott Market". This is definitely one of the most exciting shopping malls in South East Asia / ASEAN.

The market was opened in 1926 when still under British rule and the name was changed to Bogyoke Market when the country got independence in 1948 after the Myanmar Independent hero Bogyoke Aung San the father of Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi . Here are treasures of the orient with some imaginations you could Marco Polo walking through this is genuine and authentic Myanmar no Chinese junkware plastic.

Bogyoke Market Buddha Shop.

Bogyoke Market Buddha Shop.

Visiting Thai Buddhist Monks looking for a bargain.

Mother of Pearl Tableware

Mother of Pearl Tableware

in a Bogyoke Market Shop.

Bogyoke Market Jade Shop

Shopping in Yangon.

When visiting Myanmar this is the place to go for shopping in Yangon. Most interesting for a foreign visitor are about 1500 stores all are very small just 4 or 5 sqm. with a few exceptions for some shops at the roadside with souvenir woodcarvings and jewelry shops this is also the best place to change money keep in mind the Bogyoke Aung San Bazaar is open from 10 am to 6 pm every day except Monday when the place is closed and this numbers are real, its not like in Thailand where everyone opens or close at her/his will. The WW2 has ended in 1945 but the old colonialist which are the UK and new one the US haven't got the message they still wage a undercover war via insurgents against Myanmar today in the 21 th. century. The location of the Bogyoke Aung San Market is right in the city center of Yangon near the Shangri-La Sule hotel so its the perfect start for a walk through the old Yangon City center along Anawhrata Road and city hall.

Bogyoke Market Shops.