Anawhrata Road

Anawhrata Road in Yangon has typical Myanmar Flower Markets.

The differences are with the buildings here are several built during colonial times still under the supervision of the English but in Indian Style often Yangon appears like the old Bombay.

Myanmar Flowers

mostly grown in Shan State are very often low maintenance plants and quite robust these plants are raised in the tempered highlands of Shan State. The Shan State area is ideal for thes flowers because it has an average altitude above 1000 meters and a warm climate plus a pleasant weather pattern and plenty of water around.

Anawhrata Road flower street shop.

All the flowers come from Shan State and from local Yangon Nurseries. There are a couple of opulent nurseries around Kandawgyi Lake.

The temperature distribution allows many exotic flowers to be raised in Myanmar people are very creative to grow them almost all varieties available in Europe are sold at the markets the difference to other flowers in Southeast Asia is this flowers here are grown in the local environment not like as in most other places in Southeast Asian countries were all these exotic plants are imported. Mostly by expensive air freight.

English Colonial Times in Southeast Asia:

What the English built in Southeast Asia although rotten from decay still look somehow not so bad (particular the old brick structures of the century) and has some charm the other are just bad by any means. Those are the ones in the very city center where plenty of people from India live who came in with the British. It doesn't look much like SEA it rather appears like Calcutta. Anawhrata Road East of the Sule Pagoda and City Hall has several very interesting street markets where one is flower market with an abundance of temperate climate flowers and fruits plus typical Myanmar street food which morphs into a sea food market in the afternoon. When I am in Yangon I always enjoy this place and buy several bundles of flowers for quite low prices.

These flowers are mainly local grown in Shan state not like in Thailand where they import them from Europe or elsewhere and claim they are from Thailand.. All this beautiful flowers are locally grown in Shan State it needs to keep in mind that Myanmar is quite a large country the size of Britain and France combined having all temperature zones like Europe actually even more considering the tropical south east Asia around the Andaman Sea all the way up to Bangladesh. Unfortunately Burms / Myamar was destroyed by the British colonialists in the 19 th century when the British started their awful destruction Burma was 'au par" with the Meiji Dynasty in Japan they even had the first street car running in Mandalay which all was destroyed by the British Colonialist

There are some very pretty buildings left one of it is the old railway station and another one is the old "Ministers Office" (also known as the secretariat) above. The two main fixtures are the Bogyoke Market and the main center around there to the City Hall plus Sule Pagoda with Mahabandula Park and along Anawratha Road until down to the Yangon River with the harbor..

When visiting this area a breathing mask is recommended since this is the battleground of the notorious stinky Yangon public bus services it really is an unhealthy stinky mess so its advisable to prepare foe some protection.

Myanmar Flower Market

Myanmar Flower Market.

Some of the richest in Southeast Asia.

Exotic flower market in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon Map

This flower and vegetable street market is on Anawhratha Street in the Center of Yangon.

It's a fresh market and starts in the afternoon, no ice involved so it needs to be very fresh which frankly I have my doubt's, anyway I am here to take some pictures and not to eat. Since this also is according to the traffic one of the dirtiest street in the city it needs a good wash. Selling tropical plants.

There are countless street markets in the city along Anawrahta Road an interesting is the tropical flower market in front of the old Methodist Church on 38th street.

Not only have they tropical plants there are also plenty of "temperate climate" flowers from Shan State. Since the whole area in the northeast around Inle Lake is above thousand meters all plants are known in Europe also grow here.

Myanmar is blessed with different climate zones that are perfect for growing any flowers from the glaciers of the 6000 meter high mountains in the north to the temperate level in Shan State at about 1000 meter height to the tropical flatland elsewhere.

An ideal environment to grow many different flowers among them are marvelous orchid flowers.

Anawhratha Street Yangon

Anawhratha Street Yangon Flower Market.