Shan State Myanmar

Shan State & Inle Lake

Shan State Myanmar the name Shan is not used among the people themselves and probably originates, as do also Chin and Kachin from China It is a common Chinese term for hill-savage or barbarians. Shan call themselves Thai meaning 'free' and remnants of their ethnic group are spread right across east Asia, from Canton to Assam the greatest single unit being the Siamese or present day Thai.

With them, it is a similar behavior since they also call the tribes on the northern fringes such as Lisu Lahu and other Hill Tribes but actually they already forgot that Thai is a Chinese tribe from the Yunnan province too. The main point of tourist interests are in Shan State are Pin Oo Lwin (close to Mandalay) and Lake Inle in eastern Myanmar. There are a couple of travel possibilities the easiest is with the aircraft to He-Ho which is the nearest airport.

It is also possible from Mandalay and Yangon by road actually a good way would be via Thailand either Mae Hong Son or Loilem but as usual everything which makes touristically sense is blocked by the Myanmar government with their silly visa regulations.

Its the same in every part of the country > Naypidaw is sleeping deeply although tourism could supply most of the money the state is asking for everywhere but do nothing by themself its a shame.