North Myanmar

Kachin State.

North Myanmar.

North Myanmar and Mount Hkakabo Razi in Kachin State. This is the northernmost part of Myanmar adjacent to Sagaing Division and bordered by India and China.

There are not many problems with India but plenty with China because Chinese are notorious poachers destroying every environment for quick cash and looters and never care about others they are only after quick cash. They are also active in various criminal activities such as drug production and distribution.and the number one drug pusher in Asia.

North Myanmar has an ideal environment for this it is widely inaccessible because of the rough mountainous terrain and not much populated. This started to grow to a real big problem after the Chinese government stopped logging and other negative activities against nature now they do it in Myanmar. I talked with a Chinese guy the other day he indicated that they even sell the coniferous logs from here to Soth Korea. When visiting Myanmar the north is highly recommended there are daily flights to Putao from Yangon and Mandalay which is the only bigger town in this region