Myanmar Ruby Gemstone

Sapphire Gemtones from Myanmar

Corundum Gemstones from Myanmar.

Precious Stones from Myanmar such as Ruby & Sapphire.

It is only coincidental that ruby is both red in color and gives off a red fluorescence; however this coincidence is responsible in part for its intense red shine. This red fluorescence gives ruby an advantage compared with other red stones, such as tourmaline and garnet since it covers up dark areas (extinction) and actually makes the stone glow with a rich crimson hue.

Whats up in Jademine land?​

Ruby grown on Marble in Mong Hsu.

Ruby grew on Marble in Mong Hsu. The main difference between Mogok Rubis to precious stones from elsewhere is the Mogok Stones emitting flourouscent light which gives a very peculiar aura.

Pink Blue & Green Sapphire at the Mogok Gem market. An almost infinite number of corundum gemstone colors (Ruby & Sapphire) are available.

In ASEAN where are rubies mined?

Another new ruby and other gemstone mining area Chanthaburi Thailand

is further southeast near the border region to Thailand (see the map, link above), that is Mong Hsu, but the material found there is of lower quality and are mainly heat treated right at the mine and also far away by the Ruby Burner in Chanthaburi Thailand south of Bangkok & Pattaya.

Since their value is lower because of that the price range is also lower on the other hand if one is not an expert with a lab this is difficult to find out anyway in Mong Hsu are rough ruby stones grown on marble and other versions. This is a real special in Southeast Asia.

Gemstones of Burma.

Myanmar is together with Brazil the country with most of the gemstone varieties. It is al most unbelievable how many colored gemstones Myanmar's discover every day actually the gemstone business is mainly operated by Chinese & Thai natives who invaded Myanmar under the protection of the US & UK shortly after WW2 ended.

Natural Ruby Crystal.

Here is a genuine natural ruby crystal grown in the underground environment in a Mogok ruby mine on a marble rock. In addition to the ruby foundries in the loose earth and rivers there is another way that the raw gemstones grow on marble rocks. The most famous of all ruby stones are the crystals with the unique "pigeon blood" color grown over hundred of years in the mountains of this part of Southeast Asai.

Local Style Ruby Ring.

Sapphire & Ruby Cabochon.

The cabochon version of most gemstones is the most common one of color gemstones since with a cabochon version plenty of impurities of a precious stone can be hidden.