Myanmar Native Fashion

Myanmar (Burma) has 135 officially recognized ethnic groups.

And almost each of them have their own Myanmar Fashion Style. These ethnicities are very diverse and wearing plenty of different clothes spreading different styles over a spectrum of urban Chinese to almost stone-age Naga tribes which again are a subtribe of the Chin.

Many ethnicities even wave their particular thick textile materials to be worn in the winter, yes Myanmar have winter summer and in between fashion styles using their own materials and adornments.The problem with Muslims is they can't control themselves and instead to implement some control mechanism they try to export their problems. This conflict was picked up via Qatar's Al Jazeera to increase the Emirs profile in the Islam world.

The so called Rohingya.

To make the picture clear the Rohingya have been imported by the Britsh from their "British India" colonial properties which again belonged to the "British Crown" via the "East India Company" so they have ethnically nothing to do with Myanmar this people are Indian.Bengali.

The overwhelming majority migrated into Myanmar via the "green border" from Bangladesh which was a part of India until the British messed up most of Asia. They have nothing to do with Myanmar since they are illegal immigrants who simply run away from their Muslim homeland which they destroyed because of their extreme overpopulation since the Muslims in this part of the world produce far too many kids this is also clearly visible in Indonesia