Mandalay Palace

Mandalay Palace.

The Mandalay Royal Palace is of traditional Myanmar wooden architecture.

Typical Myanmar style with highly-ornamented and gilded buildings plus glass mosaic have been used everywhere. Actually the Mandalay Palace is a must see destination when visiting the second largest city in Myanmar. After visiting this amazing place try Pin-Oo-Lwin.

The third-largest city in former Burma is Mawlamyine southeast of Yangon. Unfortunately the original Mandalay Palace was razed to the ground by Japanese bombing during World War II in 1944 since the English places a lot of weponery around the palace inviting bombing but the exact and faithful replica of the palace buildings have been rebuilt and restored in 1989 according to original design and plan. Behind the Great Audience Hall is the Chamber of the Lion Throne precisely placed under the spire of the Mandalay palace.

The Lion Throne in the Mandalay Palace.

The base of the Lion Throne is formed of two lotuses the upper one inverted on the top of the other. This pattern is different from the ordinary altar supporting Buddha image. At the center, at the narrowest point, the two lotuses meet, there is a band containing row of niches where figures of lions are embedded they have highly symbolical meaning and considering the thinking pattern of the Burmese the British did a bad job,

On the outer edged of each jamb there are seven divas (angels) altogether fourteen on both sides. On the top of the two jambs on each side of lintel of the Mandalay Palace is another figure of divas altogether sixteen in number. On the top of the lintel right in the center is Sakka (Thagamin) at the head of divas. Sakka being the Lord of Tavatimsa Heaven (the Abode of Thirty Three) takes interest in human affairs what the Myanmar Kings have done on earth. His presence assures divine protection for the Myanmar King.and the Mandalay Palace but as we know today all this was symbolical only in the real world it didn't have any meaning.

At the top and bottom of the jambs just against the sliding door are four Lokapalas (Guardians of the universe) who are in charge of it one at each point of the compass. Thus the Lion Throne at Mandalay Place symbolizes the center of the universe and Myanmar King the centere of the human world. In the middle of each jamb of the Mandalay Palace between each two Lokapalas on the left is a peacock and on the other side is a rabbit. The peacock is the symbol of the sun and the rabbit sybolizes the moon.

Mandalay Palace Legends.

Mandalay Palace Spire

Mandalay Palace Spire.