West & East Malaysia

Cellphone / Mobile Malaysia

When in Malaysia you cant avoid being in touch with a Cellphone operators they are more or less ok, but if you dont want problems DONT use cellcom since they use a very opaque system only the employees understand obviously the user is not interesting for them especially when trying to use internet / email / they are of no use.

An example after I bought their SIIMM I was never able to use it although I went 3 times to their shop and asked, their system is just tooooo complicated and instead to make it work the employee blamed me its my fault when I dont understand their system and that's the overall attitude nothing else to comment with such employees.


They have some more strange stuff e.g. a major cellphon operator is "

"Maxixs Cellphone"and lets say you buy their access software after a couple of days it wont work anymore, why? they have a few variants to make problems to you

  1. They change their country code randomly one day that code next day another code the victim is you because your phone wont work.