Mae Sot trading with Myanmar.

Thailand Myanmar Business.

The border between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) is along the "blue mountains" and Mae Sot is the center of Myanmar's border trade. A large part of Burmese fresh "foreign trade" moves over the bridges on the Moei River at Mae Sot. A ride to this wild & hilly part of Thailand starts at Mor Chit Bus Terminal in Bangkok.

That's the same way the old Burmese Kings made their raids into Siam and the last one which finished with the destruction of the old capital Ayutthaya. Today Bangkok hold this function.

Mae Sot (Myawaddy on the Myanmar side) is one of the border crossings, other are Mae Hong Son and Mer Sei further north. It's very wet around here in the "blue mountains" the wet floor is slippery everywhere and overgrown by plants. Around is green Thailand exotic and colorful with waterfalls and rough nature, typical cross-country and the destination of many foreign tourists on holidays. The town itself is not very interesting, it is even difficult to find a good restaurant for dinner. for hours we follow him through the undergrowth. Mae Sot is the jadeite jade "interface" into Thailand, gemstones are sold in many main street stores. Valuable rock crystals, amethysts, dark green jade and smoky quartz plus rose quartz are on sale.

The treasures available are not at the very top end but every day quite some people travel to this sleepy town to make gem deals very similar to Chanthaburi south of Pattaya. The difference is in Mae Sot they deal in jadeite jade in Chanthataburi they deal mainly with ruby and sapphire which finally means corundum.

Many people have addicted to gem fever with plenty of stone dealer around but not many sparkling since jade hardly sparks, to do so it needs some diamonds or good cut. sapphires. They also offer malachite quartz rock crystal amethyst and other pretty stones raw and cut plus polished.

Only a few years ago this was an "Iron Curtain" for about four decades. The most interesting on Mae Sot is to travel there and to leave from there. From a travelers point of view, it's visiting the daily jade market which is held on the main street either on the boardwalk or in small open shops.

Tremendous Internal political problems in Thailand.

The hotel situation is not as easy because since there are no foreign tourists and the border rather only opened about 5 years ago no much travel business is going on. The lifeline is about a dozen big and small buses which come from Tak direction from the north and south and a steady caravan of huge trucks supplying the border with Myanmar (Burma) trade. Plus a lot of jade and precious stone smuggle business is going on.

Currently beginning of 2021 the Thai military regime is runnina smear campaign against Myanmar blaming the Myanmars of being the source of the Covid invections in Thailand but actually the Thai Military regime is having tremendous internal political problems to thet do everything to point the focus of all problems Thailand has in the moment mainly dur to their total mishandling of the corona pandamie. and internal war against tourists which are currently also blamed for everything negative happen in Thailand inccluding currenty rate manipulations by the central bank. Now Thailand is shigting such an awful big mountaun of problems in front and they are not able to control it anymore.