Kanchanburi Adventure

Kanchanaburi Tours are through the border area towards Myanmar with sugarcane fields hill-forest National Parks reservoir and the spectacular Erawan waterfall an excellent spot for outdoor adventure and non-beach comber fun this is probably the best short distant daytour destination from Bangkok the second best is an Ayutthaya trip.

The most famous daytour spot is in the whole province is by far the River Kwai Bride which draws every year hundreds of busloads of tourist from all over the world to have a look for the famous WW2 bridge. Very close are the erawan falls and to the north is Mae S​ot on the Thailand side and Myawaddy on the Myanmar side of the Moei River.

Many people travel to exotic places such as Thailand to find breathtaking beauty and to encounter diverse adventure and cultural activities in the border area between Thailand-Myanmar around Kanchanaburi Mae Sot, Mae Hong Son Umphang and other remote adventure places.

Now you might think why "was"?

Because the authorities closed it down in 2016 for illegal wildlife trafficking. Their monastery functioned as a breeding center for tigers and every day the monks made several shows with the animals and got a lot of money from the visiting tourists who came to this place in Kanchanaburi mostly with tour buses from Bangkok. The second business was a hidden one (as usual in Thailand) and that was a dirty operation.

They killed the young tigers and stored them in refrigerators in the Buddhist monastery. After they sold the organs to Chinese traffickers who smuggled them to China and sold them for a fortune. There are always some mad Chinese who think by eating these organs they get their "sausage" up again. Typical what Thai monks are doing every day, almost every year one or two illegal activities of this guys come to light.

"Tiger Temple". But whatever strange business these guys are doing (no women involved) Kanchanaburi Province is a pretty one the right place when in Bangkok and get bored in the capital


The "Tiger Temple" in Kanchanaburi

There is a lot to see such as mountain jungle trekking rafting green nature great river resorts kayaking fishing hiking wildlife music tasty Thai food and more. Small hotels along the River Kwai invite to stay, several are floating in the stream and easy making trips into the jungle with several spectacular waterfalls around such as the Erawan Waterfall, Sai Yok Fall, and Huai Khamin Cascades.

The Erawan Falls.

The Erawan Falls are not the biggest but probably the most beautiful in the world. That's the reason why the Bangkok crown clog the highway every weekend and holidays since Thailand is the world champion of holidays you can imagine what's going on in the province and a hotel outside the city has most of the time a beautiful river location,

Kanchanaburi River Kwai Tours.

Kanchanaburi River Kwai Tours close to the border of Thailand and Myanmar are a good combination in this fascinating tropical area. Not only has the province a spectacular nature, waterfalls, outdoor activities, river resorts and hotels a lot to offer, here is one Kanchanaburi National Park reservoir embedded in the park, this place is towards the Thailand-Myanmar border. The wilderness of the border area is home to wildlife such as elephants, bears, tigers and plenty of exotic birds.