Jungle River Ride in Thailand

Outdoor adventure.

The variations of trekking and hiking tours in the limestone hills passing by dark rivers breaking through lush jungles and bamboo forests with elephants are enormous in southeast Asia not only in Thailand. If you like to know more about outdoor adventure culture and history visit the Bangkok National Museum. .

But what is also important in Thailand's outdoor areas you can afford it because here are relative cheap vacations available. Which, of course is primarily related to the fact that the average earnings of a Thai employee are currently under $ 400.- per month and not trimmed to "high end". Summa suramum you can afford a decent vacation here especially since the flight prices have gone down enormously in recent years and yes the country of Thailand functions quite good although the electricity is fluctuating a lot which creates problem sometimes.

One of my favorite spots (no beach) destination are the jungle hills south of Mae Sot in the border area to Myanmar. When I went to Mae Sot a couple of years ago and saw some pictures of the place which is Umphang I immediately felt the desire o travel there and have a couple of outdoor day trips with bird including watching and rafting in the brown rivers which I did afterward and since then I came back at least two times per year because the nature around with the waterfalls including the largest in Thailand is somehow magnetic it makes you come back and back again. exactly the opposite are the escapades of the often wild running bureaucracy which destroy a lot of what was built in decades before.but most of this bureaucracy is simply irrational that's

the basic character of the Thai people every traveler in Thailand is having a close encounter with this wild running bureaucracy sooner or later.

It would make sense to rent a scooter in Bangkok and do the trek into the wilderness on your own but be aware it is extremely dangerous to drive in Thailand not only here because everyone thinks he / she is the only driver in the universe and wont care about other. Actually when touring Umphang the wildlife sanctuary should be on your short list,

That makes Thailand the worst road travel accidents countries after Zimbabwe and Libya. Many people mix up the area around with Sangkhlaburi which is a small town in Kanchanaburi Province southeast from here.

But there are no roads linking which needs a 600 km detour via Tak and Mae Sot just check the Umphang Thailand


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