Jungle River Ride.

On the wild water in Thailand .

Road travel in Southeast Asia.

A good example for road travel in Southeast Asia is a long but comfortable ride for about 12 hours from the capital Bangkok to the southern tourist center of Thailand which is Phuket. A bit slow but not bad with 3 stops in a double-decker coach cruiser which moves at an average speed of around 70 km from the flat delta plains near the sea and south into the long peninsular towards Malaysia.

With Malaysian Airlines to almost everywhere >

Thailand Nightlife (1)

Thailand Nightlife. In one of the prime night spots which is Pattaya Walking Street.

A similar bus ride is to the north to reach Chiang Mai and upper Thailand. plus the highlands close to the "Golden Triangle" into Myanmar and Laos where the Mekong River is the border.The bus is lower priced compared to the trains and is also faster. What are the alternatives to road travel? The train or an aircraft but the best compromise are definitely one of this modern long haul buses. There are two versions one with four seats in the row and another (VIP version) with 3 seats the difference in price is about 30%. The total impostor mentality of the bureaucratic clique in Bangkok is reflected in their approach to road travel in Thailand its been told that several of this guys have some interest means shares in certain airlines so they do everything to move traffic to the airplanes.