Buddhism in SEA.

Buddhism Women advancing.

Buddhism In Southeast Asia.

The main direction of Buddhism in Southeast Asia is the Theravada version it is visible everywhere.

The main direction of Buddhism in Southeast Asia is the Theravada version it is visible everywhere.via Buddhist Monks and Nuns plus monasteries shrines including Pagodas and Temples. However, Islam is practiced but has a much smaller impact although in different areas quite remarkable follower amounts. e.g. in the border regions with India and Bangladesh plus in the former capital Yangon and the Bago area Muslim influences are visible via several mosques.

Header picture above show Buddhist Nuns marching & below Thai Buddhist monks near Khao Lak.

Thai Buddhist Monks.

Thai Buddhist Monks.

Marching I wanted to pass a drinking water bottle to the first Monk on the picture. Which I had in the car it was difficult to pass the bottle to him although it was quite hot they didn't wear even sandals. As I found out later this was the crew of a local monastery near Kao Lak who decided to move into a other location somewhere near Ranong further north. Most of them carried their begging bowl with them

Christianity has arrived in the country via missionary activities of the British during colonial times when many Karen people in the eastern region to Thailand and Chin in the western Chin-State converded. The Brits tried to use Christianity as a door opener by promising both their a own state if they side with them against the predominantly Burmese (bamar) People which finally was a lie just according to the old Roman Philosophy divide and conquer.to get political influence actually these political power games are the main cause of the eternal clashes between the different tribes in Myanmar of today..

Budhist novitiation procession

Budhist novitiation procession.

In Shan State Myanmar.