Kuta Bali

The Kuta Bali waterfront this oceanfront is the closest good surf spot in Denpasar by far the most active with holiday visitors. A pretty stretch of sand bordering the Indian Ocean with everything around for perfect vacation most hotels resorts shops nightlife fun restaurants and more are backing up the beach.

Disco fun in Kuta Bali

Disco fun in Kuta Bali.

Kuta Bali Nightclub Fun

Kuta Bali Nightclub Fun.

Day & Night in Bali.

At Kuta stretches Bali's longest sandy seafront means always plenty of room even at high season enough space and all very close to the major urban area its a bit like Venice Beach in LA . Towards north west along the Indian Ocean Kuta turns into Legian beach. The most attractive feature of this place is everything is compact around which is an ideal situation when on active holiday travel. No need to be bothered with running around and being stuck in the awful gridlock of Indonesian traffic which definitely is some of the worst traffic on the planet and people are extremely aggressive when on the road they virtually wont give the one even a millimeter to breath. But as long as people are not driving on the road they are rather tame but not without reason comes the expression ... run amok ... from the Indonesian language, however, the word 'amok' is also used in the Khmer language but as a term in other contexts like "chicken amok" for something to eat..

Kuta Beach Denpasar Bali.

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Surf in Bali at Kuta oceanfront this waterfront is just off the sandy Denpasar beach means almost in town.

Surfing at Kuta Bali

Surfing at Kuta Bali

Kuta Bali Surfing

Kuta Bali Surfing Beach