Bali Crisscrossing

Bali day tours in Indonesia.

Crisscrossing Bali via day tours shows the major difference major to the other islands of the country which is the religion.

Bali is one of the many islands of Indonesia but a special one.

The primary difference to the other islands of Indonesia is the Religion all other Indonesians are mostly Muslims Bali people are mainly Hindu..

The island is of volcanic origin and the mountains are in the northern third of the island highest peak is Mount Agung (3140 meters) a volcano which hasn‘t erupted since long time.

There are other volcano which throughout lava, fire and ash more often notable Mt. Batur at Lake Batur which is a bit northwest of the highest peak of the island which is Mount Agung.

The size is 5632 sqkm, population is about 3 million people this is one of the 27 provinces of Indonesia. Bali has a long known history and this is strong connected to Hinduism and the influence of Arabs who brought Islam. The first signs of Indian influence in Bali can be traced back to the 8th century. For the time after there are references to the first dynasty of rulers in the 10th century

Bali History by the end of the 13th Century.

Bali island came under the influence of the Javanese kings of Singhasan, from 1343 the island was annexed into the Kingdom of Madjapahiut.

Between the 15th and 16 Centuries there was a massive influx of Hindus who escaped problems with Muslims in the other parts of the country asylum were given to them.

In the 17th Century the island was divided into nine principalities. In 1743 the island became a Dutch protectorate; the Dutchman had been here since 1597 by a trading post and got the island under control by the middle of the 19th Century. Today there is a peaceful coexistence between Hindu & Muslims this is also one of the reasons why this “drop in the ocean” is also called "Island of the Gods", and "island of thousand temples". Hinduism is somehow visible everywhere in particular at the many Hindu temples where people pray to different gods such as Brahma, Wisnu, Shiva and other. Each temple has its own festival once a year and crowds of devotees from all parts of the island are taking part, its marvelous and colorful coming together.

Economically of Bali island.

Economically of Bali island. is characterized by agriculture, it also has a very creative craftsmen and artists scene mainly around Ubud in the center of the island, but not only there. Tourism Bali hotels travel and tours brings arguably the most money into the country, and the holiday business has a steady growth rate since the opening of the International Ngurah Rai airport at Denpasar in the early 196X.

After tourist infrastructure was subsequently expanded, but they have forgotten the streets, most are in a miserable condition except a few 4 lane stretches around Denpasar. How it really should be made can be seen in Phuket Thailand, where an excellent road network was built over the last decades.

Staple Food in Bali and Indonesia is Rice.

Which is the most important agricultural product the vast rice fields, fenced by groves of coconut palms are mainly in the southern half, but not only there. Over the centuries the typical rice terraces have been carved out, corn, fruits and coffee are also grown. A lush tropical vegetation dominate the landscape, the predominant colors are green and the blue-green emerald sea.