Southeast Asia History

The creation of our Southeast Asia Website.

A brief history

The idea to create this Southeast Asian website was a short one but it took a long way to materialize and gathering information came up over thirty years of travel in Southeast Asia and every year it was clear it's not enough something. more to explore beyond the next Mountain & River plus endless imaginations & adventure. The nucleus was several adventure travel to Myanmar's Himalaya extension and visiting Mount Hkaraka Mountain with almost 6000 meters the highest peak in Southeast Asia surrounded by the rough mountains and glaciers of Kachin State and the Golden Triangle

Southeast Asian People.

Beautiful fragile & mostly positive-minded people. Pretty Asian women with a different attitude to life often much different from what we know in the so-called west. But the last push to expand this travel adventure were my years in Geneva when I found some Myanmar / Burmese friends and enjoyed their uncomplicated way to see things differently a most welcomed view of new ideas approaching living the Southeast Asian way. ok first it needed to accumulate enough money to get free and do what I wanted always to do within a certain frame because as the Philippines tell - no money no honey.